Affiliate Marketing Holy Grail : $1.00 Affiliate EPC

Affiliate Marketing Holy Grail : $1.00 Affiliate EPC

Welcome deadbeats, how are you?

Today, I will look at an affiliate marketing holy grail… some awesome affiliate EPC (earnings per click).

I’ll take you through some good information and show you some really cool AFFILIATE NETWORKS… where you can achieve some high EPC’s.


You see with affiliate networks…

…There are so many choices and platforms, that you really need to do your RESEARCH, so that you don’t end up wasting time and resources.

You need to do this research, so that you can find the best networks… that offer the best EPC and ones that will be WORTHWHILE…

…I see so many beginners fail at this, so I decided to do this post today to really help you!

Affiliate Marketing EPC – The Beginning

Your new affiliate campaigns need to start off with the right foundation and be effective…

…You need to know if it’s going to be PROFITABLE and also whether you should spend time and effort pursing it.

With a lot of beginners and even seasoned affiliate marketers they still make the mistake of wasting time AND EFFORT on things that don’t produce results…

…But if you want to BUILD A FULL TIME LIVING off the internet, then you need to master this.


So, EPC is a measurement that you can use to decide this…

EPC measures how much money you make per a visitor, for the people that you send to the affiliate offer/website.

You can get EPC’s as low as 10cents and some ARE AS HIGH as $3.00, it will depend on the offer and that specific network…

…Each network also works out the affiliate EPC a bit different, but overall it’s all very similar across the board of affiliate networks!

Moving On…

So, in today’s post…

…I want to cover and go through with you three example of this and WHAT YOU NEED to look out for!

Ok the first example I want to walk you through is this, it’s for a free paleo EBook offer…

…I would send TRAFFIC TO THE VENDORS landing page and then when someone entered their email I would make some cash.


So, I tested out this specific offer with Bing ads traffic…

…I placed paid ads on Bing and then when people clicked my link , it would take them to the vendors landing page!

I ran this ad FOR ABOUT A WEEK, after sending 350 clicks I worked out that I only made a BIG 8 cents per click…

…As you can tell this amount per click is nothing and not very good!

Affiliate Marketing Networks – Continued…

I still made some profit… BUT IT WASN’T WORTH my time or effort.

Now, if you look at it a different way, if I had the ability to send 10,000 clicks per day… YOU SEE I could make some good money, but I didn’t do that on this campaign…

…But in terms of the keyword search volume AND OVERALL search volume I wouldn’t be able to do that anyways.

You can see the potential here probably in larger niches, but not for this one.


Now, let’s move onto the next offer example…

…This one is better and has been MAKING ME $1.28 EPC… hell yeah that is more like it, ill think your agree.

This is what I typically look for, ANYTHING OVER ONE DOLLAR.. will be worth my time and effort!

You will be able to make some REALLY GOOD deadbeat cash on over $1.00 EPC, especially if your getting traffic clicks at say 0.30 for just an example.


Of course you will want to scale it up properly and as you can tell I am sending like 200 clicks per day to this SPECIFIC OFFER.

So, with this amount of clicks and a good EPC, you will be LOOKING AT making around $200-$300 per day, which will be worth your time…

…This is some serious money and you will need to put in the work.

But anyone with the right choice of niche, the RELEVANT KEYWORDS and a good offer can make this amount of money!


Now, there is an expectation to the rule for Amazon…

…You will typically see a 0.40 – 0.70 c EPC… but OVERALL AMAZON is a bit of a different affiliate network setup.

The above EPC earnings are high because I have a good marketing funnel set-up to take the visitors from cold leads to warm leads…

…this is something that you will need to LEARN HOW TO DO in order to become a very successful affiliate marketer online.

Affiliate Marketing High Paying Networks – Next Steps

The traffic from the above offer is going directly from YouTube to an affiliate review page…

…So, you see I have a funnel set up there, so that the traffic GETS VALUE AND is warmed up…READY for the sale at the end.

Ok, so let’s move onto the last example campaign!

In this one, I’m not actively promoting it really…BUT IT makes me around $2.50 a click for each visitor that I end up sending to that offer! BOOM.


You will be interested to know…

…That this CAMPAIGN is done through email marketing and as you can tell, this works really well.

This is because the traffic is more warmed up and they have already STARTED TO TRUST YOU… which is what you want!

So, as you can tell… the platform you use and the way you get traffic makes a difference in the OVERALL EPC.

Trust and the visitor being warmed up is very important online..

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Good email marketing will yield the highest EPC…

===> Research offers so that they are worth your time…

===> Use multiple networks for the best EPC rates…


Now, if you want to learn the secrets to getting high dollar EPC, then I recommend you check out my FREE affiliate marketing guide. The information in the guide will help you get the results that I showed you in the second example in this post.

To access that guide click here ===>


Thanks for tuning in…

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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