How to Get More Clicks On Your Affiliate Links – Deadbeats Way


How to Get More Clicks On Your Affiliate Links – Deadbeats Way

Howdy Deadbeats, how are you doing?

Today, I want to look at how you can get more clicks on your affiliate links, because let’s face it… you could have the world’s best designed affiliate website…

…but without traffic and people clicking on your affiliate links… you won’t make much money AT ALL… LET’S BEGIN!


Today, we will be looking at some great tips and tricks to get more clicks on your affiliate links…

I will also be covering the best places to put your affiliate links and some other REALLY COOL deadbeat gold… to help you with your affiliate marketing link building efforts!

One thing that a lot of affiliate marketers do is, they don’t focus on conversion properly.

Even, if you have 1000 visitors a day to your site… it doesn’t mean you will become rich, you need to know how and where to CONVERT THOSE VISITORS into sales.

Get More Clicks On Your Affiliate Links – The Beginning

So, as you know from previous training there are two ways that I like to build my affiliate sites out and they are:-

===> The direct sales approach..

===> The content based affiliate marketing model…

Now, these both work very well and of course it will depend on what niche your in… for example content based models, might work better in the health and fitness niche…

…because people need to be warmed up first and then a direct sales approach could work well in the home business niche… because people want the knowledge to make money as FAST AS THEY CAN!


I will show you some different places and areas that you can put your affiliate links, so that they get the most clicks… then hopefully sales!

Ok, so let’s start with the first type of site and that is the content site…

This model is a longer term method and it does rely on having the proper Google SEO methods in place… yes it will TAKE WORK, but it’s worth it your see!

You will need to have a good mix of the right blogging content and best SEO practices… for this to work FULLY!

Moving On….

The primary source of traffic with this method is going to be Google, so they will search for keywords and then land on your site…

…One of the biggest metrics in keeping higher ranking is keeping people longer on your page!

Not only does this help with SEO, it also helps with getting more chances for people to click on your affiliate links!

So, with that being said one good place to put your affiliate links is the bottom of the page…


So, lets look at one of my review pages…

You can see it is about a sleeping mouth guard, with some information and content about that specific product!

You can see right from the start that there is a lot of content, information on the product and FEATURES ABOUT THE PRODUCT…

…Then I also have images and video’s, video’s will help with keeping people engage on your page!

How To Get More Affiliate Link Clicks – Continued!

Now, the affiliate link on this article doesn’t pop in until right at the end of this article…

…Now, you will be interested to know that this link actually gets a very good click through rate… somewhere between 15-25% click through rate, which is great!

Just this one link at the bottom does very well in terms of clicks and this does this day in and day out…. BOOM!

One way you could increase the clicks even more is by adding a button underneath one of the video’s… button affiliate links convert WELL.


So, basically for content based sites and review style posts… you want the link to show up at the bottom of the page!

Doing so, will increase the amount of time people spend on your website (which we know is good) and also higher rank in Google, like I have mentioned above…

…The drawback to this however is ===> Even though the quality of the person clicking the link will be higher… you will get less clicks, but higher search traffic numbers.

So, essentially it will be a trade off and as I have mentioned… it really depends on what niche your doing this FOR.


Now, the second type of method is ===> direct selling and this is something that I FOCUS ON ALOT… it works very well when done right!

Now, for this method you will change the placement of your affiliate links and have them towards THE TOP OF THE PAGE…

…The best placement is usually under a video, where you have a video of the product review of the product you are trying to sell!

Buy now button’s work very well here…


Now, in order for this method to work properly your traffic sources need to be external…

What do I mean by this? Well, what I mean is from sites like YouTube and Reddit…

…People go directly from these traffic sources to this page… so it doesn’t effect my search engine ranking for this page… NEAT HEY?

The goal for this page is to get as many people as I can to click over to this page and land on my affiliate link as quick as I can…

Getting More Affiliate Link Clicks…

So, technically I will make more money on this page when the visitors land on it…

This is what I have found through my testing… and this style of affiliate link usually gets a 50-60% click through rate and if you have targeted, relevant traffic… then you can POTENTIALLY make a lot of CASH!

Just to be clear here again….

…This method does rely on external traffic sources like I said above (YouTube for example).


Lastly, one important tip I can give you is having products and buy now buttons in the sidebar… work very well for clicks and sales!

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Think about whether your page is content or direct sales…

===> Direct sales has higher CTR, but traffic is harder to get….

===> ADD sidebar product panels for max CTR and sales…


If you want to learn more deadbeat affiliate marketing tactics, then I do have a guide that I put together that can show you step by step how to create sites like in this post and in the video!

You can access that guide here ===>


Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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