How to Make Money With The Ebay Partner Network


How to Make Money With The Ebay Partner Network

Welcome Deadbeats!

In today’s lesson I will be teaching you how to make money with the ebay partner network, giving you insight into the things YOU REALLY need to know…

…There are millions of dollars to be made off ebay, are you going to get the slice of the big ebay pie… LET’S FIND OUT….


Ok, so today we will be looking at the ebay partner network and one thing right off the bat is this…

People have been having trouble getting approved with Amazon, so they turn to ebay…

Ebay typically has a higher approval rate and they are a lot less strict, if you have been an affiliate for Amazon, you know what I mean!

Depending on your country and location… it can be VERY HARD to get approved for Amazon… but ebay will approve you right away!

How To Make Money With Ebay – Deadbeat CASH!

Ok, so let’s jump right in to the ebay affiliate network…THE RIGHT WAY!

Now, what you will find is I have an existing affiliate site that I have created from the past and I will be using here today…

… This is a ten to fifteen page website about snoring and snoring equipment etc!

I hope you have an existing site like this, so it’s easier to follow along in this video.


Ok, so now we are going to start integrating the ebay partner network into our website, so follow along!

Head over to and then go right down to the bottom and there you will find the ebay affiliate sign up link…

…Sign up and you will get approved instantly and if you already have sites that get traffic.. you can LITERALLY be making money right away!

I know how awesome is that?

Make Money On Ebay – Continued!

Ok, so log in and then you will come to your dashboard.

Now, from here what you will want to do is go to campaigns and then select create campaign!

In the name section have it relevant and try keep it the same name as the product your GOING TO BE SELLING.

Then after you have done that initial step we can move on….


Next, go to where it says RRS feeds and click on there…

Then select which country your from program and select it from the drop down menu…

…then next type in your campaign name which is the same one as above and then you have done some important first steps!

Next, input your category… make sure it is relevant and as close as you to your product…. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Moving On….

Next, enter a keyword for your product and then scroll down to where it says “RRS feed”, generate the link and then you will have your RRS feed link…

…So, then you will be presented with some products and information related to your niche!

So, we are going to use this feed and then embed into our website, make sure to grab the link and URL, where it says “FEED URL”.

Next, you will need to install a plugin and then enter your feed URL…


So, next you will want to go to add new plugin…

Then type in ebay partner and then you will find one called “ebay feeds for WordPress”, I have found this plugin to BE REALLY GOOD!

Then next, you will want to go to plugins and find the setting for that particular plugin, so we can adjust it properly!

We next need a code and then create a new post in WordPress… then create an article of at least 500 words and move onto the next step!

Making Money On The Ebay Network

So, then in your post you will want to embed the code you got into the article… and this will show you the ebay product feed.

You will have the images, text and buy now button embedded in your post from your own dashboard… this is how to make ebay money!

Now, depending on what website theme you have… there might be a formatting issue…

…but you can make it work, just look for tutorials on your SPECIFIC THEME or contact ebay support and they will do a good job of helping you out in this situation!


One great tip I can give you is this…

Ebay seems to convert better when you have the products in like a comparison format and give information about that…

You can head over to the keyword planner and type in some keywords to help you find some good topics to talk about, for example in the snoring example…

… a good keyword to write something about could be ===> Best Anti Snoring Device” for example!


You will want to spend some time finding good keywords like this and then you will want to put a good content plan together for your website!

Try and find the keywords that begin with “best”, people like to search for the best of or the best XXXX… this has been proven to work time after time with successful ebay affiliate marketing…

…Then write some good content and embed the ebay feed into the post and then you would have made a very good start to your ebay journey.

Then after you have finished the post, you will need to work on ranking it and promoting it!


So, with all that said… this is one way of many to get going with the ebay affiliate partner network.

If you haven’t got your website set up and established, then I do recommend that you grab my FREE guide. This will show you step by step how to properly set up an affiliate site from scratch!

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Ebay is a lot easier to get in than Amazon…

===> Remember, make sure to do proper keyword research…

===> Pick your niche and products wisely for maximum money…


You can then use this website and follow along with this tutorial, so that you can being to make some good money with ebay! To pick up my FREE guide head over to ===>


Stay tuned for more awesome content deadbeats!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock…

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