How High Quality Backlinks Make Me $1000 In a Single Day


How High Quality Backlinks Make Me $1000 In a Single Day

What’s up Deadbeats??

I hope your having a great day, today ill be showing you how high quality backlinks were able to make me $1000 in a single day…

…The RIGHT backlinks are so powerful and you really should put a lot of work into getting them, are you ready?? LET’S BEGIN….


Now, before we get into the meat of this post, I do want to explain that this $1000 in one day was a very high day…

…A more usual day is in the range of $200-$300, which is still awesome I think you will agree.

I did this post to show you the potential of earning large sums of affiliate cash and to show you it’s possible…. WITH HARDWORK of course!

Are you ready…..?

Building High Quality Backlinks – The Beginning

One of the best things about this is… it will work in any niche market online and you can really scale your income, when you know what your doing!

Ok, so in this backlink tutorial, I will be showing you 3 ways to build high quality, high power backlinks…

…That will help your site or blog rank VERY WELL, thus increasing the amount of traffic and sales you receive!


So, in the SEO world there is only so far social bookmarking can take you, you will need to build links many different ways and using many different link building techniques!

This is important for more powerful ranking and also Google likes to see that a site has different links from different people and sites… a more natural looking link profile is very important!

A natural looking link profile is very important, make sure you build one!

You are going to need to do other things combined with this link building, but this is a very important piece of the overall DEADBEAT MONEY PIE!

High Quality Backlinks – CONTINUED!

Ok, firstly head over to Google and then I can show you this first back linking technique…

…So, what you can do is this: TYPE in “ yourniche date”. So, you could have “ snoring 2017”.

Now, what you will be presented with is a list of high authority blogspot blogs that rank well and where you can leave comments on!

The date helps to be up to date and this will help you get your comment approved more, if its current and not a post from say 2012 for example… you need to look out for this!


The first thing you need to look for when finding a good blog is, do they approve comments regularly?

If they aren’t approving comments, then there is no point wasting your time and effort because it won’t get you any results…

…but if they do then there is A GOOD CHANCE yours will be approved and you will get an important backlink!

Read the post and then comment some value related to that post, that could make it better or add something on top of the post to make it even more interesting!

Moving on…

Not only can you use these backlink building techniques for sites and blogs, they work VERY WELL for YouTube video’s also..

Because not all blog comments will be approved, you will have to expect a 50% approval rate, so the more you can do… THE BETTER! But remember don’t spam, just do them slowly and surely!

Upfront hard work, for long term benefits in ranking!

You can also use other sites like or in the search string and find good linking opportunities there also!


Something that you need to watch for is this…

Some blogs that you will find could have the keyword in the title, but the articles itself might be about some unrelated…

…This is ok because the title is still relevant and you will get some link juice, but you want to spend your time finding relevant content, this will help more in the long run!

You can have some of these links, but make sure to have the bulk of your comment links from relevant sources, otherwise it will be seen AS SPAM!

High Quality Backlinks – More DEADBEAT Gold!

See if the blogs are active and once you start getting some comments approved, then you can search around and find some other posts… to comment on as well!

Also, be sure to check the dates of the posts… your be surprised how much time you can waste doing comments… only to find its a post from 2013 = FAIL!

Ok, next….

Go to Google and type in your main keyword, then go through the sites… one by one seeing which sites has comment sections and then start doing THE WORK FOR BACKLINKS!


As you will see, the first page results are usually from high traffic and high authority sites…

Now, can you imagine the traffic and the power of the backlink if you landed a comment on just a handful of these sites…

… Yes I know you can see the potential, this is why so many smart affiliate marketers use this technique on a daily basis!

One or two authorative backlinks are better than 100 average links – REMEMBER THAT!

Continuing on…

When you combine all of the above techniques together, you will start to see the power of these type OF BACKLINKS!

It’s also very important to realise you need to put in the work EVERYDAY and also be VERY CONSISTENT… then you will be able to see some amazing results from all your hard work!

Work, work and work is key here…

Now, as I mentioned earlier there are some foundational principles you need to apply before you start doing this…

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> Aim for quality backlinks, don’t use spammy links…

===> Make sure to vary your anchor text and have a natural profile..

===> Be relevant with your link choices, this helps…


If you want to learn how to build and implement those foundational principles properly… then I HIGHLY recommend my FREE guide which you can access here ===>!


This FREE guide will really help you step by step to make an earning Amazon affiliate site, check it out today!

More to come deadbeats… stay tuned!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock!

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