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Google SEO for Dummies – The Deadbeat GUIDE

Welcome deadbeat to today’s post! I will be covering some excellent information on Google SEO for Dummies.

I strive myself on giving out some really cool information and of course I strongly believe in giving out QUALITY!!

For the past ten years online, I have been using SEO and mastering many aspects of this awesome website ranking technique… Stick with me this post is GOING TO BE AWESOME!


With SEO (search engine optimization), there is a lot of things to consider… but let me tell you this. There are advanced techniques for ranking websites & if you do these you can make it to the top of Google…

…However, from my ten years online I have discovered that if you complete this one tactic (which ill expose in a minute), then you will be able to RANK for any keyword you like!

This is not some shady black hat s**t or it doesn’t involve “manipulating” the search engines, this is just good ole hard work (SHREAK!!)… with a pinch of smart!

Whether your a newbie or have some experience, this will definitely help your SEO techniques and give your keywords a lot of love!

External SEO for Deadbeats

There are two types of SEO and they are on page and off page (or external). On page SEO is things like title tag, header tags etc and off page SEO is stuff like link building and social signals…

So, as a newbie doing SEO, one thing you will try and do is to rank for the big keywords. You know the keywords such as weight loss or make money online….

….I know, it’s hard to forget the dollar signs in your head and of course the big guru’s will tell you that this is all you need to do, but let me tell you this for one minute….

Back in the day I too used to go for the BIG KEYWORDS! I remember one example keyword…it was “web hosting”. Now, I use to get all excited when I saw the monthly search volume….

….but what I later found out was that 10,000,000 other people were also trying to rank for the term “web hosting”.


So, it’s better in SEO to go for what is known as “longtail keywords”. These are keywords that are typically 3 or more words and have less search volume… but also less competition!

A lot of marketers online will complain that these keywords don’t make money or that they don’t get the necessary search volume to make enough money… but I am here to tell you that’s not true!

Knowing the difference between these keywords is something that you need to remember! Did you know that 80% of search queries are ACTUALLY for longtail keywords…. (interesting)!.

There is insane money to be made from longtail keywords, so use them properly!

Google SEO for Dummies Continued….

I just want to give you another example of how to use longtail keywords. So, the term affiliate marketing is what we call a “head keyword”… it’s short and broad!

Now, a much better term to target would be “affiliate marketing for dummies” … this keyword is longer and has less competition!

It will also take you a lot less TIME to rank a keyword like this. The “head” keywords often take a lot longer to see any kind of ranking, because they have a lot more search volume!

So, in order to rank say a YouTube video for the term “affiliate marketing for dummies”, this is what I would do:

  • Create a mini blog on Tumbler…
  • Create a mini blog on…
  • Create a mini blog on….

Your going to harness the power of these sites and use their domain authority to help boost your YouTube rankings. Of course you still need to do it in the correct way and without spamming them….

One thing you also need to make sure is, when your linking back to your YouTube video… use different anchor text.

Using different anchor text (link of text) is super important to make your links look more natural!

When done correctly, this will be a very powerful tool in your business and your video’s will take on a life of their own!


One key tip I can give you is when you register these mini sites try and have your keyword in them. For example on Tumbler, you could use!

Having the keyword in the URL is good SEO and it’s simple, yet very powerful technique…. I can’t believe how many people don’t utilize this!

If you can’t get the exact match domain, don’t worry! Sometimes this happens, so what you will need to do is try and get a URL that is VERY similar….

….Also try and keep the relevant keywords in there. I know, this can take some time…. but doing little things like this will add up to big success!

You also need to make sure the content of these platforms is related to your video in some shape or form! It is no good writing a post on about dog training….

….When in fact your YouTube video is about how to master your golf swing, you may laugh but I see many people do this online (haha…).

For your mini blogs here is what you need to do:

  1. Have 300-400 words of quality content….
  2. Embed the video that you want to rank at the top of the post….
  3. Also have a contextual link to your video in the text somewhere…
  4. Make it interesting and use a call to action at the bottom to allow readers the chance to go to your YouTube channel (and hopefully subscribe….)

Google loves platforms like, these platforms are trusted and they are so huge… no wander Google loves them!

Also, by using these sites the power of the link juice is really good and eventually when the search engine spiders index these links, your video’s and content will look like a million bucks!

Focus on these three platforms first and then in the future, you could possibly add more things like this… but for now focus on these ones to start!

One good mindset that you will need to get into is, BUILD QUALITY first and then speed will come!

I know at first, spending hours creating a quality mini blog will seem like hard work, but when you do this initial hard work… it will become a lot easier down the road! Who says business was easy?

It’s all about consistency my deadbeat friend, you should have seen me when I first started writing online…. my content was sometimes just “average”…

….But when I got good at being consistent, the quality of my work got so much better! Still today, ten years on… consistency is one of my most powerful tools!

If you want to learn more about SEO & how you can turn your traffic into more awesome affiliate sales then feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

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Thanks for tuning in today deadbeat… it really does mean a lot to me that you take some time out of your day to read my blog… I really do appreciate it a lot! Until next time!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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