Search Engine Optimization Tips ($100k In Affiliate Commissions)


Search Engine Optimization Tips ($100k In Deadbeat Affiliate Commissions)

Sup Deadbeat?

Welcome to another awesome post! Today, I want to look at some search engine optimization tips, for maximum deadbeat commissions online!

The world of SEO can be hard and complicated, but as usual deadbeats I will break this down so it’s simple…. yet still HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!

There is nothing worse than getting lost in the SEO SEA, trust me she can be a horrid beast, but read carefully and ill expose some killer tips and actionable information….


The main point of search engine optimization is to rank higher! Now, that is the basic idea behind it & we will be using SEO to rank videos and affiliate sites!

Throughout this post today, we will be focusing on ranking videos…. but SEO is powerful for a lot of other things like blogs, authority sites and much more!

Now, before we get into the meat of things here I would just like to say this…..

…..Even though we are all lazy (but smart) deadbeats, today’s work is NOT LAZY! Lazy work is not bad work, we are going to put in work at the beginning of this to really make Google happy with our content!

Then, when the hard stuff is over… we sit back and collect nice deadbeat commissions!

I find that some people don’t work hard at first, instead they just work “average” throughout the whole time and then never reap the rewards of passive income from SEO!

$100,000 Search Engine Optimization Tips


So, let’s dive right into this and I can explain some key elements like work flow and planning!

What I want to talk about is more of the technical stuff today! In some posts I give out more tips and tricks…. but today deadbeats, it’s the technical (awesome) stuff!

Now. there are some platforms online that Google favours and gives extra ranking power too, for example:


This platforms are owned by Google, so of course they want to expose and rank their own properties higher… wouldn’t you?

Sites hosted on these platforms rank higher and faster than other platforms… this is one key thing when doing search engine optimization! Speed and ranking POWER!

Now, there are also two additional platforms that I have had some awesome success with and they are and!

Powerful web 2.0 platforms are very important to use!

Your aim is going to be to create mini blogs in the four platforms that I have mentioned! You need to build these sites out properly, because gone are the days of “thin content”.

Google actually hates thin content sites now and they are taking action, by de-indexing them or even giving them a manual penalty (but don’t worry I show you the RIGHT WAY).

Make sure you build this up properly and add GREAT CONTENT! Remember at the beginning I said you need to put in the initial push and then you can be “lazy”, this is what I am talking about…

Search Engine Optimization Tips – Some Deadbeat “SECRETS”

Now, here are some crucial tips for your success with all of this! To get the best results, the key to this is NOT BEING LAZY!

There is a difference between being lazy and not working hard. I work very hard on the things I do, however I just find things that help me be lazy (for example… getting other people to do some of my work).

Your aim is going to be to create the highest quality content you can on these platforms! (Did you know Google actually assess quality as a ranking factor?).

So, what I typically do for the content creation is actually get someone else to do it, by outsourcing a lot of this work! See, even though I am lazy as hell… I work smart and outsource this stuff!

Outsourcing is a good way to free up some much needed nap time (haha), so be sure to consider outsourcing in your daily business tasks…

Make sure you research your outsourcers properly, some can be low quality…

After the content has been written, I then take the articles and format them properly, adjust the headline and overall just make IT AWESOME!

I also add some good images, bullet points and a few other cool touches to finish the articles off!

So, after you have uploaded and edited your articles, what you will want to do next is… embed your YouTube videos at the top of the article!

Notice, I said EMBED?

The embed link is slightly different from the usual YouTube video URL. So make sure you get the embed URL from under the share section on your videos…. this makes a difference!

Doing this does two things:

===> Firstly, when a visitor finds your mini site from Google… they will land on your page and the first thing they will see is your YouTube. Playing your video keep them on your site longer (good for SEO).

===> Secondly, having the video on your mini blog page will boost the ranking of that YouTube video!

Also, make sure that you put a contextual link back to your video as well… by having this link within your content!

Search Engine Optimization for Deadbeats – The Next Chapter

Now, another thing that you need to do is, from your YouTube videos you need to have a CTA (call to action) to your money sites!

Now, it’s important to note that YOU DON’T link from your YouTube video straight to your affiliate product…

Doing this will seriously lower conversions and you will be wasting time! Also, YouTube doesn’t like linking straight to affiliate offers!

Sending your traffic to your own website or squeeze page, minimizes the risk of this and plus you have more control on your own sites and squeeze pages right?


You also need to understand that by sending traffic to your ACTUAL WEBSITE and following a proven formula… you have the potential to make A LOT more money!

Following formula’s and systems online is very important! Just like any business offline, they have systems and plans that have been created to make the biggest amount of sales! (Think about that!).

There are a few more steps to all of this and I have something that exposes those steps!

I do have a system that you can access that shows you STEP BY STEP this exact formula and the few extra steps that you need to bring this altogether and make it work for you!

You can get that at

I will explain how to get traffic to your YouTube videos, how to rank them and of course an awesome formula to bring it altogether!

Thanks for your time deadbeat, until next time!

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock!

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  1. Hey, my names ben and I live in maine where it is currently illegal to affiliate market for Amazon, where do you suggest I start? Thanks

    1. Hey Ben, there are TONS of other affiliate networks that will accept you. Here are ones I recommend you check out:,,,, and SellHealth (this is one that was recently recommended to me, will have to check this out more).

      Hope that helps!
      -Dan “The Deadbeat” Brock

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