Make Money Online In 2017: Starting From Scratch


Make Money Online In 2017: Starting From Scratch

Hello Deadbeat!

Welcome to today’s post! So, it’s 2017 and I bet your wondering how to make money online properly?

WELL, I have the skills and knowledge to teach you and that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to be sharing with you today!

Are you ready to make money online in 2017 & beyond? Ok. let’s go…..


Today’s information will focus on what you need to do from scratch, without any mailing list or big audience & no assets…

…I will walk in the shoes of a beginner, trying to make money online for the first time! 🙂

Making Money Online – The Starting Point!

Ok, so one of the first things you will want to do is start with affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing is a low risk, awesome way to start your make money online journey for 2017.

The BEAUTY of affiliate marketing is that your able to jump into any niche and sell affiliate products…. this is great for beginners, because after you have learned the basics, you can do very well!

What I love about affiliate marketing is the upfront cost IS VERY CHEAP!

Compared to a lot of other business models online! You also don’t have the headache of managing your own product (which can be a headache, trust me I speak from experience here….).

This model is also good because, if you don’t have that much money to begin with…. your going to be trading time for money!

You will be learning what it takes to become successful in this time & then when your making sales… you can then begin to re-invest some of your profits!


Putting in the necessary time to become successful is one of the most important things that you can do! Work hard and work smart…

….you also need to realise the importance of being creative! The affiliate marketing business is about being creative. For example in your marketing funnels or paid advertising copy!

Make Money Online in 2017 – The Next Deadbeat STEP

So, one of the best starting points for you to make money online is, thinking about things that your passionate about. For example, I am very passionate about martial arts & it’s also a wonderful hobby of mine…

Now, when you have done an awesome job of brainstorming your passions… narrow it down to one and then create a site on that passion!

However, before you dive into this you need to make sure your passion has enough willing buyers. If it’s some weird niche, their might not be demand for any products… just think about that!

Next, you should think about creating:

===> Quality & high value videos…

===> An awesome BLOG….

===> AND also learn how to create a killer email list…

Ok, for now these are a couple of key things that you need to focus on at first…

…for the next step of this training, I would like to get into a blueprint and some REALLY good meaty information!


The “MEAT” Steps to Make Money Online in 2017

Ok, here we go….

One of the first steps you need to take in this blueprint is, doing some leg work and recon! What do I mean by this?

Well, what you will need to do is find the most popular websites and forums in your niche, then gain some valuable knowledge by researching information and topics from your chosen niche!

One awesome tip I can give you is dig deep into each site you visit. You will be able to find awesome topics, topics that people online want to read and share.

Another way you can do this is by going to a platform called BUZZSUMO. At the top you will be able to enter a keyword or topic and it will bring back results of the best, highest shared content…. this is recon gold! 🙂

Make sure you do your recon properly… it really will set a good foundation for your business!

You can also use a forum called warrior forum (if you want to get into the MMO niche). You can find some killer information for recon in here….

Lastly, be sure to keep organised… make a list of all these topics and then you can reference them properly, when you go to start on content creation!

Now, moving on….

What you will want to do next is start creating some killer properties that you own… for example start with a BLOG!

Dan Brock "Lazy Deadbeat"

SORRY GUYS….. few this post was getting intense, sorry just had to take a nap but I’m back now!

Ok, so where were we? Oh that’s right creating platforms you own!

Firstly, create a good blog which will act as your central command centre and authority hub!

Secondly, spend some quality time producing a YouTube channel… video is taking over and in 2017, video will BE HUGE!

Thirdly, look into creating a Facebook fan page… so you can further enhance your present online! This is a very good first step in this blueprint…

This is What You Need to Do Next…

After you have spent some good time on recon and developing your platforms, what you will want to do next is a “thirty day launch” of your assets….

Make sure that you produce one piece of content or video a day and then you will really benefit from seeing some nice initial traffic and some much needed eyes on your content…

Producing content like this says to the online world – “look I’m here, I have some value to bring and it’s just awesome”.

One great thing you could do is write a 1000 word blog post on a good topic and then afterwards create a cool video, highlighting some key points from your post!

Doing this will increase TRAFFIC & that is what you want (well done deadbeat!).

Next, you will need to think about creating what is called a “squeeze page”.

Now, this is a page where you will be able to give away something for FREE… so that you can start building one of the most important assets online, an email list!

Then, at the end of your blog posts and in your YouTube videos, you will be able to give away this FREE content and really begin some awesome stuff.

By doing all these little steps, you are creating… what I like to call the “value flow”. Everything you do online should add value to people and then when you add value, you will make more conversions!


Like I have said before in your squeeze page and giveaway, you need to keep it simple… but make sure it is of the highest value that you can give!

First impressions online are very important AND YOU NEED TO MAKE A GOOD ONE!

Leveraging Your NEW Found Assets to Make Serious Money Online In 2017

Next, when you have all the above set, what you will want to do is start creating your email follow up messages!

It’s very important to create follow up messages, so that your new subscriber keeps engaged & you keep pumping out AWESOME VALUE AND CONTENT.

In terms of how many messages you create, that is up to you! But as a guideline I would recommend that you produce 7-14 days worth of messages.

There are successful marketers that have email follow ups as long as 6 months and even 12 months, but start smaller first and then you can work up to that….

Now, because your just beginning… you most likely won’t have that many things to promote… so what you can do is this:

  • Send people back to some of your cool blog posts…
  • AND send people to your awesome YouTube videos….

You might not make any money at first with this, but by providing immense value and getting your content out there… your building a SOLID FOUNDATION & that is what this is all about!

This will also enable growth, which is something that your going to need when you start from scratch!

When you have utilized sending people from your list to your awesome content, the next stage is to have affiliate promotions within your email follow up!

Don’t worry it’s not complicated, just think smart and keep it simple!

One key thing to think about when you do this is try to sell without selling! RECOMMEND PRODUCTS, don’t make a hard pitch!

You will need to test and tweak some things, but one thing that you need to do is make sure you put these affiliate promotions in, within the first 30 days!

Now, one extra last step you can do is…. CREATE YOUR OWN PRODUCTS!!

This is optional… but at the same time it is highly profitable! This will take you from awesome deadbeat money maker to super deadbeat money maker (haha).

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and the right technical steps that you need to take to make this all come together and work, then feel free to get my guide which I have put together for you – 100% FREE!

Click here to download the guide now

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock

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