Clickbank vs Affiliate Program – Which Is Best?

So You’re Debating Between Clickbank and Amazon…

Alright, so you’ve made the choice to try your hand at affiliate marketing.

You’re in for a wild ride!

One of they decisions you’ll have to make is what affiliate network do you want to join with.

You have many…

  • Amazon
  • Neverblue
  • Clickbank
  • Ads4Dough
  • And 1000s of different networks you can become an affiliate for.

So which is best?

While there is no BEST affiliate network…

My 2 personal favorite affiliate programs are Clickbank and!

How to Market On Clickbank

The gameplay for Clickbank is simple.

(You want to do this 90% of the time).

Build a freebie related to one of the popular niches…

Create an optin page…

Create a follow up sequence…

And drive traffic to your optin page.

Then, once you start earning affiliate commissions, you want to go about making your own products to replace the ones you are promoting as an affiliate (this can double or triple the money you make if done correctly).

It’s that simple (you just need to take action).

How to Market On

With Amazon, I like to target buyer keywords with the use of reviews.

A lot of the times, with affiliate sites, I don’t build a list.

All I do is funnel traffic to my review pages, and straight to Amazon.

Reason why is because Amazon is a BUYER website, and the moment someone decides to click a link and go to Amazon, you know they are highly likely to buy.

That’s not to say that list building doesn’t work on Amazon… because it does. But a lot of the times you can create a quick stream of income without much of the hassle.

Best Thing to Do: Combine Amazon and Clickbank!

Now the reality is you don’t need to pick just one affiliate network to work with! You can mix and match them any way you please.

One thing you can do is recommend info products on Clickbank, and then simultaneously recommend physical products to go along with it.

For example:

You could recommend a 6 pack abs info product on Clickbank…

And also recommend some workout devices on Amazon to use along with the Clickbank Info product!

There we go!

I hope that helps…

Comment below if you have any questions about affiliate marketing in general. I am happy to help!

See you soon!

Dan “The Deadbeat” Brock

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