How to Make $100 Dollars a Day Online w/ Affiliate Marketing


Learn How to Make $100 a Day w/ Affiliate Marketing Using This Killer Tactic

Welcome Deadbeat! Today, we are going to be covering some killer information on how you can make $100 a day w/ affiliate marketing!

I can’t wait to share this information with you, but you must make sure to take action! Action takers are the ones that will make money online with affiliate marketing….

….sadly a lot of people that get into this space aren’t motivated and they don’t TAKE ACTION!

I’m super pumped today to be sharing with you one of my best kept affiliate marketing tactics that I bet you have NEVER seen before. I know, I know this is a very big claim & “secret”, but I can back it up…..

…..I call it “The Money Traffic Circle”


One of the most important things that you will need to do when looking to earn some deadbeat cash through affiliate marketing is… engineer things properly & in the RIGHT WAY!

It’s very good practice to realise that you will need to do things step by step and follow a system. My money traffic circle is just the thing you need to use when doing your deadbeat affiliate campaigns (so pay attention).

There is no point shooting in the dark or trying to “figure” out what works, the money traffic circle is a PROVEN system that I use properly to make a TON of money from affiliate sites.

One more key point to make is that this system is working RIGHT NOW, and it will continue to work way into the future. Internet Marketing is an ever changing beast, so keep up with it!

Building Up The 4 Initial Properties for Smart Affiliate Marketing

So, whenever your thinking about starting a new affiliate campaign you will need to think about building up the foundation of 4 initial properties that will be VITAL to your success!

When doing affiliate marketing it is super important to have a foundation from which you can work from. You will have more focus and you will be implementing a system that you can use over and over again….this is smart!


The four initial properties that you’re going to want to build up are :

  1. Your email list….
  2. Your WordPress blog…
  3. Your Facebook account/fan page…
  4. AND also your YouTube Channel….

These platforms are all key ingredients to become successful in this money making traffic circle. You would be surprised how many marketers don’t do this & they are leaving hoards of traffic on the table (for DEADBEATS).

I have a lot of faith in this system because it doesn’t matter what niche your in or what product you choose…these platforms will work extremely well in any of your affiliate campaigns online.

Online markets will tend to procrastinate all of the time about what niche does this or will this product be a good match for this system?. Don’t do that have laser focus on this because it works…..

For these platforms I cross promote every platform with every platform, if that makes sense? For example, at the end of my blog post on WordPress I would add a link to my YouTube video…..

….or just like in my blog posts here I have the YouTube video embedded at the top. This is very powerful, it’s simple…but yet highly effective.

Keeping it simple is the key, remember that 🙂


One point to note here is that people will always have their own different preferences. So, for example some people enjoy video more so they would be happier subscribing to you on YouTube…

And some people prefer the look and feel of a blog, so they will follow your blog more often than say – Facebook.

Giving people options is a good thing and you will find that they become more engaged with you and your content because they like the platform that they are on.

You are also BEING SMART because there are many ways for people to subscribe to you, so you will be able to collect more subscribers in the long run…which is super important of course!


Another, good thing I would like to share with you is on my email list, I have a link to my Facebook page so that when people are done reading my emails…they can hopefully engage with me on FB.

Secret Sauce for Affiliate Cash?

There is one thing in this money traffic circle that will make a world of difference & as I like to call it….The SECRET sauce!

For any campaign or site you do, you need to think outside the box and create different “secret sauces…”. Doing things differently from most marketers will really set your campaigns apart from other people’s.

For example, I produce content on my FB page that is different from the other platforms, it’s also important to note that this content WILL be unique to my FB page and will not be found on YouTube for example…

….Just make sure that you do this on all your platforms and just link it all together in an effective way. Still keep it simple…but put in the work!

At first you might feel a bit overwhelmed, but with some practice this will become second nature to you! With time you will get better and you will also get a lot faster (which I know your looking forward to…).

Just do it consistently and you will see results, most people give up and then they wander why they never see any results. Just self motivate and you will do an awesome job! WELL DONE DEADBEAT…

But Where Are Twitter & Snapchat…

Well, that is a good question! Social platforms like Twitter and Snapchat require a lot more work and you have to use them a lot more. You need to be engaged everyday….sometimes this takes FAR too long.

Not to mention, they take a lot more work and I’m called the “lazy deadbeat” for a reason. The reason is I’m lazy, but don’t confuse that with average work…because as you can see I created an amazing money circle!

I personally like things that only need to be done once, at a certain time. Not only does this keep me super organised…this also allows me to focus on more things in my affiliate business.


For sites like Twitter, if you don’t have an automation tool…then you are going to be using a lot of time posting, commenting etc. Now, some people like this…but I personally don’t.

One thing I will say though is when you start building up a big following then going on sites like these will make more sense & be more worthwhile…

Big marketers are smart (just like you deadbeat..) they will build up a HUGE following and then create their content to suit more “high maintance” social sites such as Twitter…

Thanks so much for reading this post today and watching my YouTube video! Would you like to get your hands on more quality, FREE information? Then continue reading below:

If you want to learn more about how to make money with affiliate marketing, feel free to check out my Deadbeat Super Affiliate System.

To your “deadbeat commissions”

Dan “the Deadbeat” Brock!

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2 thoughts to “How to Make $100 Dollars a Day Online w/ Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Dan,

    This is a really informative post. I love the formula.
    I work with a company that offers website optimization services like SEO, PPC, Website design and site security.
    I purchased your deadbeat super affiliate course. I’m thinking of building a site that can draw traffic for these services and get clients. I would like to know your thoughts on this idea. Please let me know.

    1. Hey Anthony – YES you can totally modify it for that purposes. Definitely tap into YouTube SEO for this. You can snap up tons of local terms using the power of YouTube!

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